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A Word a Day: A Romp Through Some of the Most Unusual and Intriguing Words in English

von Anu Garg

John Wiley & Sons Inc
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" Anu Garg’ s many readers await their A Word A Day rations hungrily. Now at last here’ s a feast for them and other verbivores. Eat up!" – Barbara Wallraff Senior Editor at The Atlantic Monthly and author of Word Court Praise for A Word a Day " AWADies will be familiar with Anu Garg’ s refreshing approach to words: words are fun and they have fascinating histories. The people who use them have curious stories to tell too, and this collection incorporates some of the correspondence received by the editors at the AWAD site, from advice on how to outsmart your opponent in a duel (or even a truel) to a cluster of your favorite mondegreens." – John Simpson, Chief Editor, Oxford English Dictionary " A banquet of words! Feast and be nourished!" – Richard Lederer, author of The Miracle of Language Written by the founder of the wildly popular A Word A Day Web site (, this collection of unusual, obscure, and exotic English words will delight writers, scholars, crossword puzzlers, and word buffs of every ilk. The words are grouped in intriguing categories that range from " Portmanteaux" to " Words That Make the Spell-Checker Ineffective." each entry includes a concise definition, etymology, and usage example– and many feature fascinating and hilarious commentaries by A Word A Day subscribers and the authors.


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